Voice Shouts events are 60-90 minutes long and can be hosted as  Breakfast Bites, Lunch & Learns or Evening Shots.  Each event includes an engaging presentation with practical tips, followed by up to 30 minutes of discussion.  Depending on your needs, audiences can be women only or mixed, either peer to peer or a range of seniorities.  We come to you, making the best use of your people’s time.

Voice Shouts events represent great value as they can accommodate an audience of up to 60.

Choose from the many themes below for fresh content, insight and motivation:

Done Is Better Than Perfect! How To Overcome Self-Imposed Limitations  
From Competence To Confidence: The Female Art Of ‘Blagging’ With Integrity  
Pouring coffees or making an impression? What it takes to speak up with gravitas  
Small talk, big impressions: the art of canape conversations.  
Woman, Take Charge of Your Career Trajectory!  
Tomorrow’s leader - what does SHE look like? 
Brand DNA: How To Build An Effective Personal Brand.  
Professional Presence: How To Communicate With Impact And Conviction.  
Finding your Voice:  Speaking up when it matters.   
Presenting in front of an audience: Feel the fear and do it anyway!   
Becoming More Assertive And Learning How To Say ‘No’.  
Memorable Presentations & Conversations: How To Become A Story Teller  
Courageous Conversations: How Do We Say The Things We Really Think Without Upsetting Anyone?  
Career Opportunities: Negotiating On My Own Behalf/Influencing Skills.  
Success Strategies For Quieter Women/People.  
My Strengths: Embracing Your Authenticity And Releasing Your Creativity.  
From Business Cards to Strategic Relationships: Networking – How To Love It.  
Positive Pressure: The fine line between good and bad stress and how to recognise and mange it.