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We are strategy consultants with a focus on gender diversity and inclusion. Our aim is to prepare your company for the future with the benefit of gender balance and diversity of thought.

Flagship Event: June 2017

Join us at the Lansdowne Club on 21st June 2017 for our Flagship event: "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Contributions!"

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Our membership offering ranges from joining our community to on-line resources for individuals to blended learning for corporate members.


Rina is truly inspiring to work with, her constant energy and enthusiasm for the work she does. She is truly an ideas person and quickly shapes thinking and projects

There are a lot of people doing work in this area, but few are frankly that good

What I loved about [the] conference was the professionalism, planning and preparation matched to a spirit of camaraderie, warmth and openness; all qualities owned by Rina

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